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For any medical sector or application the professionals require products which support them that their patients are getting well again.

Infections, bacterial and/or viral, are always a major concern.

PyroTex® medic can make a difference through its permanent efficacy against bactria and viruses. 

Medical Scrubs

Being the outside layer it not only needs to be clean but also permanently free of contaminating substances such as bacteria and viruses:

  • Efficacy against viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 → +99%
  • Efficacy against bacteria such as Klebsiella Pneumoniae → +99%

Nobody will think twice about wearing it.

PyroTex® medic is the preferred material for masks and respirators because of its ability to incapacitate viruses and bacteria.This is built-in and therefore permanent.

There is no surface treatment which may possibly be harmful to the wearer.

Additional to its efficacy against viruses and bacteria, PyroTex® medic is also resistant against fungi.

The fiber can absorb up to 12% moisture which makes it very confortable.

PyroTex® medic has also been tested according to the OekoTex Standard and been certified with the highest Class 1 which makes it even suitable for babies.

Curtains can be found everywhere in day care homes and hospitals.

The more important that they are not absorbing bacteria and viruses but rather inhibiting their growth.

PyroTex® medic can deliver all of that:

  • incapacitating viruses
  • incapacitating bacteria
  • UV resistant
  • washable