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About us

PyroTex Industries GmbH headquartered in Hamburg, Germany has developed an inherently flame and heat resistant fiber which is marketed under the name of PyroTex®.

It is our aim to offer a truly universal specialty fiber.  

Our 5 business units, which represent the basic areas of applications, operate worldwide. Direct communication and interaction with our partners as well as joint development projects are the basis for creating outstanding products for better personal protection and a cleaner environment. 

"We look forward to discussing with you the outstanding opportunities our fiber PyroTex® can also offer for your products."                                                                                            Robert Jarausch, Managing Director

Telephone: +49-40-556 136 39




PyroTex Industries is active on 5 continents all of which are served by direct associates only. 
For contact details please check on our link 'contacts'


At PyroTex Industries we believe that success and growth is founded on and inspired by the shared values, when dealing with each other.

  • People first: People are at the center and the main interest. Be it our customers, our suppliers, our employees or anybody dealing with us. As long as we are focusing on the interests of the people we have built the foundation of our growth.
  • Excellence: We strive for world-wide business at standards within a tightly set framework of corporate governance. We are dedicated to meet all health and safety standards, as well as internationally accepted environmental practices.
  • Safety: We commit to eliminate all incidents and work to world-class safety standards.
  • Integrity: We maintain the highest level of ethics, fairness and transparency in our interaction with each other.
  • Customer focus: We meet customers' requirements by providing world-class service and outstanding product performance


Become the world's safety and securety fiber of choice


Our goal is to provide user satisfaction and comfort at all levels by effective supply chain management